OKI – Printing with White & Clear Toner

OKI introduces the revolutionary new multimedia production platform. Print on heavy media stock (up to 360 gsm). Print in Cyan, Magenta, Yellow, Black, and White or Clear.

The C941dn with white toner allows you to get creative when printing on colored media. This video demonstrates the value of using white selectively, showing examples of different techniques you can use to ensure that you get great results every time you use your C914dn.

Now you can demonstrate your creativity or broaden your printed offerings by producing materials on an incredible range of media in 4-color plus solid White or Clear gloss toners.

These processes – which used to require expensive printing equipment and outside resources – are available in-house and on demand with the C941dn, a unique 5-station multimedia production platform device from OKI.

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NEW Baum 20″ VFM

Baum 20 VFM First Station with StackerThe BAUM 20 VFM is a unique design that includes finishing modules that can be placed in-line with other equipment or offline with other VFM modules in order to provide complete finishing solutions.

The BAUM 20 VFM design incorporates the already well proven robustness and superior features of the popular BAUM 20 Pile feed 1st, 2nd and 3rd station folders.

The VFM 20 can handle light to heavy weight stocks. One big advantage of the VFM 20 series is the ability to score, slit and perforate heavier stocks without creating any curl in the sheet that is found when trying to run heavy stocks through a buckle folder to perform the same tasks.

On the BAUM 20 VFM, the stocks stay straight and flat as they travel through the slitter shafts versus the back-bending of a buckle folding machine as the heavier sheets try to conform to the radius of the folding rollers.

Slitter Shafts on Baum 20 VFM 1st StationEach BAUM 20 VFM unit has three sets of removable cartridge slitter shaft assembles that use the same tooling as the BAUM 20 folders.

The three slitter shaft design provides superior sheet control and alignment for multiple applications. This allows you to do multiple lines of scoring and perforating in a single pass. The three shaft design allows you to place your perforations and/or scores much closer together than on a single shaft design.

The BAUM VFM 20 series provides you with up to three versatile finishing modules that adapt to other BAUM products and to other manufacturers products to provide complete finishing solutions.

Since the 20VFM utilizes rotary scoring and perforating verses strike scoring and or perforating is much faster and more versatile. This with reduce your scoring and perforating costs considerably.

Some of the applications that can be done on the VFM 20 include:

  • Single or Multiple Lines of Scoring
  • Single or Multiple Lines of Perforating
  • Micro-Perforating
  • Timed Perforating
  • Edge Trimming
  • Center Slitting
  • Gutter Slitting
  • Timed Slitting
  • And More!

The BAUM 20VFM-1P 1st station module with pile feeder register, and scoring unit can be used with a BAUM CF20 Folder allowing you to do scoring, slitting, perforating and folding heavy weight stock all in one pass. The CF20 can handle heavier weight stocks due to its large diameter fold rolls and gear plate drive for the fold rolls.

The Baum 20 VFM series modules can be adapted to operate with the following equipment:

  • Baum CF20 Folder
  • Baum 20 8-Page Folder
  • Baum 20 16-Page Folder
  • Baum Mobile Delivery Stackers
  • Baum 20 RCS Receding Stacker
  • Baum MILT 20
  • Baum MIRT 20

The VFM series can also be adapted to:

  • UV Coaters
  • Laminators
  • And More!

The 20 VFM-1P 1st station module with pile feeder register, scoring unit can also be used in conjunction with the standard Baum 20 2nd station 8-page folder for light to medium weight stocks. The BAUM 20 VFM 2nd and 3rd station modules can be placed in line with other machines to provide accuracy, higher production, and labor savings.These modules can be independently powered and adjusted to various heights. BAUM delivery stackers can also be placed at the exit end to collect the finished products.

View the Baum 20 VFM here!

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Breathtaking HD Color now includes White or Spot Color!



Breathtaking HD Color now includes White or Spot Color. More information here!  OKI C900 Series PDF

The NEW OKI C941dn is now available at MSL for live demonstrations. The C941dn allows you to print White or Clear toner first or last. Easy to use, handles up to 360 gsm extra-thick cardstock, and so much more. Go beyond 4-color with White or Clear toner – contact us today for additional information or visit us online at www.midstatelitho.net.

C941dn LED Digital Color PrinterNow you can demonstrate your creativity or broaden your printed offerings by producing materials on an incredible range of media in 4-color plus solid White or Clear gloss toners.

These processes – which used to require expensive printing equipment and outside resources – are available in-house and on demand with the C941dn, a unique 5-station multimedia production platform device from OKI.

The C941dn gives users the ability to create extraordinary mock-ups, stationery, invitations, brochures, packaging prototypes, point-of-sale material, watermarks, window graphics, labels, etc., in breathtaking HD Color that now includes White or Clear spot color!

Apply White toner first or last

Use white text and graphics on dark-colored media. Make 4-color images on dark media stand out by laying down White toner first and printing CMYK on top-the same technique used for producing vibrant 4-color images on translucent media or transparency film.

Two minutes from White to Clear

That’s all it takes to switch the 5th station of the C941dn from White toner to Clear Gloss toner-and back again. Each color kit comes with all you need to get spectacular effects on opaque, translucent or transparent media with no fuss. And the front-accessible compartment makes exchanging or replacing consumables even easier.

Visit us online at www.midstatelitho.net for additional information and product specifications.

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OKI C900 Series

Introducing the NEW OKI C900 SeriesOKI Data C900 Series

Article Provided by OKI Data Americas, Inc.

OKI Data Americas announces a new category of digital printing technology with the introduction of its Multimedia Production Platform – a series of production-quality A3 color devices with innovative features and functionality that will revolutionize the office and commercial printing industries, alike. These new devices go far beyond the capabilities of traditional digital color printers, adding game-changing media handling that includes transparent media, magnets, banners and heavyweight cardstock – all within a single, compact unit. By defining this new space within the market, OKI further establishes itself as a leader in LED digital printing innovation.

Within the Multimedia Production Platform is the innovative new C900 Series. This latest series of groundbreaking digital color products includes three new A3 models – one of which features an industry-first LED five station toner configuration that supports white or clear spot color printing capabilities. All were developed to meet a wide range of graphic arts and commercial printing needs.

“OKI is excited to announce its pioneering new Multimedia Production Platform. We are re-defining LED digital color printing by introducing a new category of devices that can handle a truly impressive range of media,” said Carl Taylor, Vice President of Marketing for OKI Data Americas. “A key to the enhanced performance of these new OKI devices is our proprietary Single Pass Color technology which allows for faster print speeds, superior color resolution and registration, and expanded media handling capabilities.”

One of the benefits of OKI’s new Multimedia Production Platform is the users’ ability to expand input and output capabilities with the addition of an optional EFI Fiery XF server, feeders, stackers and other supplemental hardware for use with certain devices.

The new C900 Series units from OKI  includes the C911dn, C931dn, and C941dn, offering best in class high-definition color print quality, high volume productivity and diverse media handling abilities at a low running cost. Features include print speeds of up to 50 pages per minute1 and toner yields of up to 38,000 pages, delivering fast, reliable and cost-effective output. Handling a recommended monthly print volume of 25,000 pages, the C900 Series meets the needs of large, demanding workgroups.

These new printers further underscore OKI’s technological leadership and ability to deliver innovative, high functioning, and high quality printing solutions to an evolving marketplace.

The revolutionary new C941dn LED digital color printer features a five station toner configuration with cyan, magenta, yellow and black, plus white or clear in the fifth position; this provides an expansive new world of printing capabilities and revenue-generating opportunities. In fact, the C941dn from OKI is the first LED printer in its class to offer white or clear spot color printing and other productivity-enhancing capabilities, and is available with an EFI Fiery XF server.

Similarly, the C931dn digital color printer supports an optional EFI Fiery XF server. Designed for large workgroups and office use, the C931dn offers full color, high resolution printing capabilities, and handles a wide range of media for maximum output flexibility at a low total cost of ownership (TCO). In fact, the TCO for the C931dn is 25 percent lower versus comparable models.

The C911dn offers improved speed, print quality and performance over its predecessor. As with all C900 Series models, the C911dn features a more robust chassis, improved user interface featuring a high resolution color LCD display, and higher capacity toners for a low cost per page.

Taylor continued, “These new production-grade printers from OKI bring on-demand color printing capabilities in-house, and are ideal for companies that require high-quality output, media handling flexibility, and color consistency.”

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Micro-Perf Finishing for Table Top & Folder Models

Micro-perf is special, very fine perforation that tears clean when pulled apart. This perforation is used for stocks that need perforations and must be fed again through copiers and printers.

There are kits available for both 7/8” and 1-1/8” shaft sizes. The key to whether your machine can utilize a micro-perf is dependent upon if your machine has adjustable slitter shafts. The adjustment occurs in the center to center distance between the shafts. Because the micro-perf crushes the paper between a blade and a hardened metal ring, a fine adjustment is necessary to prevent tearing the paper or damaging the blade.

There is now an adjustable slitter shaft assembly available for 714 folders which can allow your table top machine to run a micro-perf assembly. This will work on certain 714 parallel machines starting with the “XE” in 1991. You can contact us to find out if your particular machine is capable of this upgrade.

Our friendly Parts Analysts can provide more information about these and other accessories. Contact us today!

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Baumfolder Corporation to Exhibit at Pack Expo 2014

baum pile folderBaumfolder Corporation continues to grow and provide unique solutions for several markets including equipment solutions for packaging, order fulfillment and select material handling applications. As a result of our growth in these areas, Baumfolder will be exhibiting one of our innovative solutions in the Baumfolder Corporation booth at the Pack Expo show in Chicago on November 2nd thru 5th.

We will be showing a BAUM deep pile feeder equipped with a designated bar code scanning system that can read multiple fonts to insure accuracy for inspection, matching and other applications. The BAUM deep pile feeder will also have a BAUM mobile delivery system at the exit end of the machine to collect and or transfer product after it has been fed and read by the bar code scanner. Baumfolder offers several more product solutions utilizing our modern manufacturing facility, in house design engineering, technical support and genuine replacement parts departments at our Sidney, Ohio, USA location.

We invite you to visit the Baumfolder Corporation booth #10804 in the Lakeside Hall at McCormick Place on November 2nd thru November 5th.

For more details on the Pack Expo show, go to http://www.packexpointernational.com

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Creasing-Scoring for Digital Color

Creasing-Scoring for Digital Color

With the NEW Standard Horizon CRF-362, crease and fold digital output across a range of light and heavy weight stocks, coated and uncoated. Creasing and folding can be done in one pass for easy and accurate processing of a variety of applications.

Features at a glance:

  • Crease and fold up to 5,000 sheets/hour
  • Eliminates cracking on digital color output
  • Sizes up to 14.33″ x 34″
  • Capable of up to 10 lines per sheet

Visit us online at www.midstatelitho.net.

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The Basic Theory of Buckle Folding

BaumFolder 714XLT UltraFold

If a sheet of paper is laid on a flat surface and driven into a stationary object, a buckle or a series of buckles will form along the surface of the sheet.

Theory of Buckle FoldingIf the paper is pushed into a narrow channel before butting up against the stationary object, the buckle that forms in the channel will be a much smaller size than free-forming buckles. At the end of the channel, however, larger buckles will again start to form.

If the channel is angled to produce a down-ward pressure, and two folding rollers, spinning as indicated above, are placed close to the end of the channel, the larger buckles that start forming there will always form down-ward and be pulled into the rollers, compressing into a fold.

Roll Bank ConfigurationOn a buckle folder (like 714), the sheet comes out of the feeder flat and enters the fold plate assembly where it comes to a stop against a stationary fold stop. A series of buckles then forms through the sheet. The buckles within the fold plate are kept very small by the narrow channel design. The buckle at the end of the plate, however, will be larger. The fold plate and rollers are configured such that the large buckle will always form downward where it is grabbed by the fold rollers and compressed into a fold. The picture shows the second plate deflected. This would mean a single fold.

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High Quality Binding and Compact Desktop Design

High Quality Binding and Compact Desktop DesignSuperior binding strength and compact desktop design make this the ultimate office binder! The BQ-P60 gives you high quality binding and professional looking documents.

Features of the BQ-P60

  • Easy Operation: The display Indicator lambs on the operating panel guide you through the simple operating steps
  • High Productivity: 180 books/hour
  • Professional Binding Quality: A cover is glued to the book spine then clamped to create an attractive finished appearance
  • Flexible Binding Styles: Choose from three different binding styles
  • Comfortable Operation: An integrated smoke extractor and filter system is a standard feature to clean the air and remove any glue odors from office environments
  • Eco-Friendly: Low temperature glue and eco-mode, reduces power consumptions

Simple and easy to use, the BQ-P60 allows you to finish fast with push-button operation. (1) Choose the binding style and insert the book block. (2) Press the start button. (3) Insert a cover, then press the start button. (4) The book is finished!


Three different binding styles are supported:

  • Binding with cover: a cover and a book block are bound with hot-melt glue
  • Binding with tape: simple book bound with cloth tape
  • Pad binding: simple binding used for making memo-pads

For additional product information, please visit us online at www.midstatelitho.net or contact us at 1-800-343-4231

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Envelope Printing Tips and Advice

Article Provided by OKI Data
Envelope Printing Tips

The media selected for a specific print job plays an important role in delivering high quality results. In addition to the general quality of the media (texture, weight, composition), the physical design and construction of an envelope must be taken into consideration in striving to achieve optimum print quality.

This document highlights common envelope styles and the challenges imposed. In some cases, the envelope’s composition and construction may limit the type of graphic artwork and/or the positioning of the content for that envelope style. Some envelopes should be avoided altogether.

Envelope Styles and Considerations

Examples are given for standard business envelope (Com-10) but the details covered to apply to other sizes.

Side Seams

Generally, the preferred envelope design for laser-type printing. Provides a large surface area uninterrupted with folds and seams.

Diagonal Seams

Available in a wide variety of designs and fold patterns. Economical.


Window envelopes must be “laser” compatible. The clear window must be added to withstand the high temperature of the printer’s fuser. Misuse will damage the fuser.

Peal and Stick Sealing

Often includes premium quality media and good results.

This article was provided by OKI Data. For additional information and full article, please visit OKI Data online at www.okidata.com.

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